Building resilience

Asia’s highly established REITs and real estate securitisation event, REITs Asia Pacific™ 2020 is back again for the 7th edition. The prior REITs Asia Pacific conferences were trailblazers and were instrumental in developing investor interest in the Singapore REIT market. This year, building on a successful comeback in 2019, the event will continue to play host to the Asia Pacific REIT industry recognition event – “The Asia Pacific Best of the Breeds REITs Awards™ 2020”.

Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, the 7th Edition REITS Asia Pacific 2020 Summit and Awards will be held virtually via our website on the 24th of September 2020 and will continue to host the contents until next year.

The on-going Covid 19 crisis has affected the global economy and companies all over the world. The impact on the region’s Real Estate and the REITs sectors have forced a re-evaluation of strategies by market players albeit government interventions in buffering the negative effects. Fortunately, the REITs market had entered this crisis with relatively strong balance sheets and liquidity to withstand initial shocks. Like all crises, this also presents a one in a lifetime buying opportunity for REITs and investors. For others, it necessitates a change in business models into new and innovative ways of service delivery and customer experience. For certain sectors of REITs like industrial, housing data centres and logistic centres, businesses have been robust due to demand spikes in home deliveries and remote working arrangements.

The REITs Asia Pacific™ will stand hand in hand with the industry and continue its path in rallying the REITs market in the 2020 edition with the theme: “Building Resilience”.  We will invite speeches from players that have flourish and survive through this crisis and honour those who have earned their stripes as the most resilient and best performing REITs for the “Asia Pacific Best of the Breeds Awards™ 2020.         

The Nomination Date for submission entries for the “The Asia Pacific Best of the Breeds REITs Awards™ 2020” ends on the 31st of July 2020.  Results of the awards will be announced on the website on 24 September 2020 and hosted until next year.

Congratulations to the Winner’s of 2019 

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